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Introduction to Native Bees as Pollinators

For many people the word “bee” is synonymous with the non‐native “honeybee.” But there are many kinds of bees in nature, even within urban areas in northern California. Many people are simply missing out on perceiving these beautiful, interesting, and beneficial insects. This workshop will showcase native bees for people who like nature, and for those who are involved in land management and conservation. Presentations will range from basic and introductory to technical. No specific knowledge of native bees is needed ahead of time, although a basic understanding of general insect morphology and some familiarity with dichotomous keys is desirable.

Optional Follow‐up Fieldtrip (Tentative): On Friday 15 July, Rob Schlising and Robert Irwin will lead a fieldtrip (no charge, except for cost of gasoline In personal cars—with car‐pooling recommended) to higher elevations in Butte County to observe native bees foraging on flowers and nesting in forest and meadow habitats. Persons registering for the workshop on 14 July should indicate on the form if they wish to attend this optional fieldtrip on 15 July. RS will notify these registrants by 7 July if the fieldtrip has to be cancelled due to a scarcity of flowers and bees this year.

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