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How to Make Wreaths, Garlands, and Kissing Balls with Native Plants

Sorry, this workshop is full.

What comes to mind when you think of the winter holiday season? Do you think of evergreens and baking spices? Did you know that many of our native chaparral shrubs and forest trees are evergreen, and that native sages can remain fragrant for years after drying? Learn more about native plants while you create a holiday wreath, kissing ball, or garland!

We provide all materials and tools, including a wide range of native plant clippings such as sages (Salvia spp.), incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens), coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), manzanitas (Arctostaphylos spp.), buckbrush (Ceanothus cuneatus) and California bay (Umbellularia californica). You can embellish your wreaths, kissing balls, or garlands with native acorns, buckeyes, seeds and berries. We will share botanical and ethnobotanical information about all the native plant materials we use. We also encourage you to bring additional plant clippings you especially want to use, including any you need us to identify. Each registrant can create a 12 – 15” wreath, a kissing ball (with native mistletoe), or garland (or make any two for an additional $10 fee). Come share holiday cheer while celebrating our native California plants!


Jennifer Jewell is a writer, photographer, host of the public radio garden podcast “Cultivating Place” (, and native plant garden curator at Gateway Science Museum, CSU, Chico.
Adrienne Edwards is a botanist, ecologist, and arborist. She teaches at CSU Chico, consults on environmental issues, develops educational materials, and designs native plant restorations.

This workshop is full.