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Identification of Plants from Vernal Pools of Northern California

This Workshop Has Been Canceled

Identification of Plants from Vernal Pools of Northern California

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Vernal pools are fascinating and complicated seasonal wetland habitats. They support a diverse assemblage of predominantly native hydrophytic plant species from a variety of flowering, and non‐flowering, plant families. This workshop will provide an opportunity to practice your plant identification skills, and at the same time become more familiar with the diverse and unique flora of northern California’s vernal pools.

This intensive one‐day workshop is designed for those who already have a beginning understanding of the terminology used in plant identification and the use of The Jepson Manual as a plant “key.” Fresh and pressed specimens of Central Valley plants will be provided for participants to key, together as a group and with one‐on‐one instruction. Generally, all major vernal pool genera, and multiple species in each genus are provided. Emphasis of group instruction will be placed on the recognition of families and the morphological features used to delimit genera and species. An overview will also be provided of the types of seasonal wet‐ lands in northern California and some of their important ecological characteristics.

This workshop is led by John Dittes and Josephine Guardino of Dittes & Guardino Consulting. It is always a popular workshop that usually fills early.

Some of the basic equipment is available to loan to workshop participants, but if you have any of the following items please bring them: hand lens, forceps (tweezers), dissecting needle, 6ʺ millimeter ruler, and The Jepson Manual (please let us know what you need to borrow).

This workshop has been approved for 3 Professional Development Credits by the California Consulting Botanist Board of Certification.