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Butte County Butterflies and their Host Plant Affinities

Butte County Butterflies
and their Host Plant Affinities

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Details and Registration

Join CSU, Chico entomology professor Don Miller to learn about the butterflies of Butte County and their host plant affinities.

The workshop will cover:

1) an introduction to the systematics, taxonomy and biology of butterflies;
2) evolutionary and biogeographic aspects of butterflies and their larval food plants;
3) an introduction to the major families of butterflies in Butte County;
4) a representative survey of some local butterfly species and their habitats. The instructor will provide mounted specimens from the Chico State Entomology Collection for study. 

Optional Follow‐up Fieldtrip

This fieldtrip is not sponsored by Friends of the Chico State Herbarium and does not utilize Chico State facilitates or funds. On Friday, June 8, Don Miller will lead a fieldtrip (no charge, except for cost of gasoline in personal cars—car-pooling recommended). The field trip will provide an opportunity to observe and identify butterflies in selected habitats in Butte County, possibly including higher elevations in Butte County to observe butterflies in forest and meadow habitats. Persons registering for the June 8 workshop should indicate on the form if they wish to attend the optional fieldtrip.

Details and Registration